4 reasons to hire a graphic designer for your branding

1: Stand out from the competition

Your branding is going to be the first thing your customers are going to engage with. Before they even speak to anyone in your business your branding will be speaking for you. So do you want to look like you have used clipart or have a logo that everyone else pulled from Canva?

By hiring a designer you will get a background of expert knowledge on how to connect to your audience through logos, fonts and colours. You’ll also build a personality for your business that will help your customers remember you and want to engage with your product or services, setting you apart from your competition.

2: A designer will give you a strategy plan

One thing a designer can offer you is a brand strategy. You’ll be given a document to show you how to use your new fancy brand identity to keep it consistent and strong. But then what? A designer can help you identify opportunities for your business by analysing the industry market, culture and competitors. Through this, we can help you create products or services and a whole new level of customer service that will give new and exciting ways for people to engage in your business.

3: A brand that grows with you

One of the things you should expect if you’re investing money into your visual identity is for the brand to grow with your business. The last thing you want is to arrive a couple of years down the line and that £10 logo from Fiver now looks dated and doesn’t work with your new prospects. Hiring a designer with the skills to design a brand identity that isn’t on the latest design trend and has the versatility to adapt to your changing business will save you the headache of going through the process of rebranding again down the road.

4: Branding is more than just a logo

So you have a swanky new brand and you’re ready to put it out in the world. But you need a business card, a website and all the other things associated with a business. Guess what… you need to hire a designer.

It happens, I’ve designed logo’s for clients and then ended up designing their presentations, packaging and digital assets afterwards because they know the value a designer can bring to their business.

So who better to design your printables and website than the designer who created the brand for you? Not only will it help with keeping everything consistent, but it will also give your business a professional edge. Templates on Canva or Vista Print are fine for quick bits, but I recommend you invest in a designer for important things like that big presentation or a new product catalogue. The smallest touches can leave the biggest impression on your customers. 


There we have it, 5 reasons you need a designer. Hopefully, it’s given you food for thought or left you with more questions… if so pop me a message on the contact page and we can have a chat on how I can help bring your business’s identity to life.

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