DMR Training & Consultancy

DMR is a training school for sustainable alternatives to building and construction methods.

Testimonial & Blog Appearance

The brand refresh was only ever going to be as good as the person that led and created it for us and you can take full credit for that. I clumsily offloaded all my thoughts and ideas to you and you turned it into something special. That is a skill in itself and not one that is easily developed… not everyone can make sense of my ramblings! This one is on you Liz, you brought it to life and now it’s time for us to do something with it. Oh and yes, there are the other projects to look at next… 😎👊

– Dave Radley, Owner

“Hats off to our graphic designer, Liz (founder & creative director of Loonar Creative). It doesn’t really need saying but we rate her very highly…”

DMR website branding by Loonar Studio