The face behind the business

Hey I’m Liz, I have been a graphic designer for around 5 years now and I am the owner of Loonar Creative. I have always been more of a creative person even from a very young age and it wasn’t until my GSCE’s where I was the only person choosing graphical art as their final project that I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. I later went on to college to study Graphic Communication, Photography and Psychology where I learnt a variety of skills that set me up to go to university at Manchester Art School.

Loonar Creative - Graduation
manchester art school

I quickly discovered I enjoyed bringing concepts to life through illustration and branding and even wrote my final year dissertation on the psychology behind the Personification of Brands. However, after my graduation I really wanted to join a studio as a junior designer position, but I was asked by different companies to do graphic work for them so I decided to set myself up as a freelance creative designer. 

Going it alone as a freelancer meant I had a lot of skills to develop including running a business, marketing, web design and print. All the skills you think you would learn in uni… but don’t. Through working with some amazing businesses over the years I have discovered that my passion is definitely working on bringing brands to life and giving my clients the best possible experience. Being a typical people person, I love working with like-minded go-getters and really enjoy helping my clients visions become reality. 

Queen of Behaviours | Originally hired to design Vicky’s new logo. Hired again to work on multiple briefs including a brand new website.

Local Fishing Club HOWAS | Hired to update the identity of the club to encourage a younger generation of fishing enthusiasts. Later designed their promotional poster.

The Light Yard | Hired after designing a logo for their Alchemist Collection. Became their in-house freelance designer for 2 years.

Frank & Fearless | Recommended by QoB’s Vicky to Adam who asked me to rebrand his company. Also asked after the rebrand to design assets to use for social media marketing.

I’m really excited for what the next 5 years have in store and the array of different clients I’ll be working with. However, I know for sure I’ll not only being a graphic designer but a fine artist with my other business creating paintings and prints. *website coming soon*. If you love art, I regularly post updates on my LinkedIn and Instagram.

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